Kas Tank Conainers specialises in the transport of liquids in ISO tank containers. It was originally incorporated in March 1994 as Kas Tank Containers Services Ltd.

The core values of Kas Tank Containers are "quality, precision and service," driven by concept we call cost leadership. In transporting tank containers around the world to meet our customer demands, we are relying on the management of services provided by a world-wide array of highly specialised contractors.

How we negotiate terms with all those suppliers, each of whom plays a unique, critical role in the process, depends on cost leadership.

Kas Tank Containers applies the principles of cost leadership to acquire all services with flair and sound commercial acumen. This way, our commitment to the customer is given the highest priority, principle applied to all sectors in which Kas Tank Containers operators.

Company Philosophy

Kas Tank Containers specialises in exploiting opportunities in those parts of the world where barriers exist to normal trade. We have made our reputation by taking products into difficult territories, often those place where other tank container specialist are reluctant to go.

We are suppliers of a quality service to the international business community, and they are the people who are forever seeking new markets for their products. When they identify and win orders in new markets, it is our job to help them realise those orders. It is Kas Tank Containers who must deliver literally.

When we are asked to assist the shipment of goods into such areas, we will examine the market closely. We will put somebody on the ground to identify the strengths and pitfalls - which must be managed to the satisfaction of the customer.

Competing on price is mature markets, but is of no benefits to the customer in territorries with a less developed physical and business infrastructure.

Our philosophy is to build the business by winning repeat orders based on the high standard of service we achieve.

Head Office : 6, 7F KAS B/D, 44-1, World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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