Flexitank System

The BRAID Flexitank System, the FLEXITANK is

A Multi-ply, one trip disposable flexitank developed from lastes ultra high tensile ethylence co-polymers
Single piece construction eliminates longitudinal seams thus reducing the risk of defects and failures

Ethylene co-polymer provide strength and energy absorption properties and the multi-ply construction provides enhanced physical strength, improves containment, durablility and safety

Food quality grade materials that meets FDA and BGA standard and approvals

Captacity ranges from 12,000 liters to 24,000 liters

Bottom Discharge Flexitank is readily available together with SPECIALISED equipment with a foil barrier for products that are oxygen or moisture sensitive. Insulation and heaters are supplied for temperature sensitive products.

The Flexitank is easy to handle, they are light in weight and thus easy to install. Loading is via a top or bottom valve having a two or three inch optional opening.

The Flexitank is environmentally friedly. Ethylene co-polymers are fully recyclable and disposal is globally accepted and recognized by means of incineration or landfill.

If shipper use Flexitank when importing or exporting various bulk liquids, you can enjoy our excellence as follows;

More affordable logistics cost than drum packing or tanker ship.
No worry about content contamination with disposable container.
5-layers tank with special material developed with high technology
   (4-layers of reinforced LDPE and 1-layer of PP WOVEN)
No fear for release of content due to seamless method.
Easy loading with 2inch or 3inch QUICK COUPLING VALVE
Eco-friendly and easy to dispose and burn after use
Load up to 24,000 liters with FLEXITANK compared with 12,000 liters(80 drum /20FEET container basis)
   of drum packing.
No worry about service time due to disposable container.(DEMURRAGE/ No delay fee)

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