ISO Tank Container

IMO Type 1 (Hazardous) Tank Containers

IMO 1 tanks are approved to the highest standards by international statutory authorities for the safe transportation of a wide range of liquid products and in particular the following; Liquids with a flashpoint of less than 0’C.
Certain high hazard toxins or corrosives, Spontaneously combustible materials, Cargoes which dangerous when exposed to moisture, Oxidizing substances, Liquids with a total containment pressure of not more than the maximum allowable working pressure of the tank.
Kas Tank Containers Ltd. has a comprehensive fleet of IMO Type 1 tanks comprising frame tanks with capacities ranging from 13,000 liters to 26,000 liters. For non-heat sensitive hazardous cargoes KAS Tank can supply non-insulated tank.
For products that require transportation at a certain temperature insulated tanks are available steam heated.

IMO Type 1 Technical Information
Dimensions - Length : 6,058mm or 19ft 10.5ins
Width : 2,438mm or 8ft 0ins
Height : 2,591mm or 8ft 6ins
Shell Materials : Stainless steel, 316 A240
Capacity : 13,000-26,000 Liters
Max Gross Weight : 30,480-36,000 Kgs
Tare Weights : 3,800-4,200 Kgs
Option 6-10 Bar Pressure RID/ADR
Internal Diameter : 1,800-2356 mm
Vessel Thickness HEADS : 5-7.9 mm
SHELLS : 4.8-5.2 mm
Steam Heating Surface Area : 8 -12 square Meters
Steam Pressure Working pressure : Min 4 Bar
Test Pressure : 6 Bar set at 4 Bar
Electrical Heating : Available upon Request
Insulation Material Shell : 50 mm Polyurethane/ compressed Rock wool
Heads : 80 mm Glass or Rock Wool/ Polyurethane
Heating Area : 30mm Glass or Rock Wool
Cladding Marine Grade Aluminum
Pre-Painted Aluminum
Manhole Diameter : 500 mm 6 Swing bolts
1 or 2 Pressure Relief Valves set to relieve at 4.4 Bar Provision for Busting Disc
1 Manometer On Airline
1 or 2 Manometers On Pressure relief Valves
Top Outlet 1 ANSI 3" Blind Flange
Bottom Outlet 1 X 3" dia internal foot valve
1 X 3" dia External Butterfly valve
1 X 3" dia ANSI Blind Flange cap
Airline 1 x 1.5" dia. Ball valve
1.5" BSP Screw Cap
Earth Connection YES
Seals PTFE or equivalent